Financial Reports Year Ending 31 March 2020

Woodmancote Parish Council


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Financial Reports for Year Ending 31st March 2020

Accounting Statement 31st March 2020

Annual Governance Statement 31st March 2020

Annual Internal Auditor Report 2019-20

Notice - Conclusion of audit 2020 (to follow)

Notice - Exercise of Public Rights

Summary of Public Rights 

Internal Checker Report March 2020

Bank Reconciliation

Receipts and Payments 31 March 2020

Expenditure over £100 Report 



The Precept is the element of your Council Tax that is paid to Tewkesbury Borough Council. 

Each year, the Parish Council draws up the budgets and calculates how much money it needs for the next Financial Year.  These are then submitted to Tewkesbury Borough Council.  Tewkesbury Borough Council co-ordinate the other demands from Gloucestershire County Council, Police and themselves and come up with the rate to be paid from 1st April that year. 

The Precept for the Financial Year 2019/20 was £32,936.00. 

The Precept for the Financial Year 2020/21 is £33,466.00 


The Parish Income & Expenditure Budgets:

Budget Financial Year ending 31 March 2021

Staff Salaries

There are no employees by Woodmancote Parish Council whose taxable salary is in excess of £50,000.



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